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Cielo Chiapaneco (Medium Roast)

Cielo Chiapaneco (Medium Roast)

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Meet our Chiapas Marachi Organic coffee from the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico. It comes from Finca Monte Azul, situated at elevations of 1,200 to 1,600 meters, showcasing the rich terroir of the region.

This coffee is grown by smallholder farms under the Marachi umbrella, and processed meticulously with a focus on quality. With Bourbon and Caturra varietals, it offers a distinct flavor profile that sets Chiapas coffee apart.

Harvested from December to April, our Chiapas Marachi Organic meets top standards – SHG (Strictly High Grown), EP (European Preparation), and Organic certified – ensuring a coffee experience that exceeds expectations.

In your cup, savor a medium acidity and smooth body. Enjoy refreshing citrus notes, balanced with the richness of dark chocolate and the comforting warmth of graham cracker undertones. Chiapas Marachi Organic represents a well-balanced and flavorful coffee, embodying the essence of the Southernmost coffee-growing region in Mexico. Experience the taste of Chiapas, where passion, altitude, and climate converge for an exceptional coffee journey.

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